Establishing business continuity and a flexible remote platform with Citrix

When choosing the right technology solution to address today’s industry challenges, it’s imperative the solution is simple, secure and ensures an enhanced experience for both admins and users. When Post University needed to move off its legacy environment and evaluated solutions for today’s modern workforce, they chose Citrix over VMware for a number of reasons, mainly for its flexibility and simplicity. Join this webinar to hear directly from Dave Aldarondo, Manager of network services at Post University, discuss: 

  • How employee experience improved with the transition from VMware to Citrix
  • A large infrastructure supported by only a handful of IT admins with robust Citrix cloud management tools 
  • How Post University’s IT Team empowered employees with a new way of working – literally overnight
  • Citrix solutions with intelligence features could help not only faculty and staff, but also empower new learning experiences for students 
  • Post University’s ability to seamlessly provide secure remote access through the COVID-19 pandemic 


  • Nitin Sharma, Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Citrix
  • Dave Aldarondo, Manager of network services at Post University

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