Entrepreneur x Citrix: The Future of Women at Work and Living a Passionate Life

Learn how women can leverage passion, practicality, and personal fulfillment to their advantage.

Over the last two years, our work lives and home lives have collided—in some ways for the better, but not always. Business owners and other professionals are still getting accustomed to working partially in an office and partially at home, and the impacts to things like productivity and happiness.

Watch this webinar with Alysia Baker Eve, Director of Product Marketing for Citrix, and Jill Shiefelbein, communication and virtual meetings consultant, and learn explore the three Ps of women navigating the future of work.

  • Practicality: How do you structure a return to work, create ideal working environments, and shift expectations and processes to accommodate changes?
  • Passion: How do you honor your employees’ passion, capitalize on the innovation that came out of this period, and get your teams motivated going forward?
  • Personal Fulfillment: How do you help your employees feel more fulfilled in and out of the workplace, appreciating the relationships that have formed and keeping the authenticity that emerged?


Alysia Baker Eve
Director of Product Marketing for Citrix

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