Transform the employee experience with Microsoft Teams and Citrix

More than 13 million people now use Microsoft Teams every day — and more than 19 million use it weekly. With new workstyles and employees who want to work from anywhere, many organizations are leveraging communication tools like Microsoft Teams to improve collaboration and productivity for geographically-dispersed users. While Microsoft Teams is a robust solution allowing users to communicate with each other in today’s modern workplace, many IT admins need better capabilities for centrally managing their Microsoft Teams deployments. Citrix has partnered with Microsoft to deliver Microsoft Teams optimized for virtual workloads, ensuring that admins have the benefits of centralized management, and that they’re delivering a native-like Microsoft Teams experience for their end-users -- on their choice of devices, regardless of location. In this upcoming webinar, you’ll learn how Citrix HDX optimization for Microsoft Teams improves end-user productivity and value for your organization. In addition, you’ll gain a basic understanding of set-up requirements and strategies for virtual environments.

Learn how Citrix optimizes Microsoft Teams for virtual environments:

  • Understand how new Citrix Workspace features in combination with Microsoft Teamstransform work
  • See how Citrix Optimization for Microsoft Teams can transform your business
  • Get a basic understanding of how to set up Microsoft Teams for your virtual environment, (e.g., call setup, network requirements and using peripherals).


Nitin Sharma
Sr. Product Marketing Manager, Citrix

Scott E. Lane
Distinguished Sales Engineer,

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