Digital Wellness for a Remote Workforce and the Role of IT.

With the haste to roll out additional technology to support remote work and an expectation for employees to rapidly adopt that technology, there can be complaints and consequences as it relates to tech adoption.

Quartz research points to three key consequences:

  • Productivity distractions – constant pings from colleagues and context switching between apps
  • Perpetual connectivity – the need to be “always on”
  • Decision fatigue – an overwhelming array of tools and systems

Each of these consequences of tech adoption can weigh on the emotional well-being of teams. So much so that 67% of Quartz research respondents believe being “always-on” has a significant negative impact on their health and wellbeing. Over time, this leads to burnout.

The good news is, with the right leadership and the right technology, these consequences can be avoided or overcome.

So what is the role of IT in digital wellness? At the height of the pandemic, IT teams were the true heroes, keeping the workforce productive in a time of uncertainty. But where should IT teams be focusing now? With hybrid working set to continue, how can IT best support workers to remain not just productive, but balanced in an ‘always on’ world.


Gerard Lavin

Brian Solis
Global Innovations Evangelist

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