Citrix Master Class Day

Tech sessions by architects and technology in practice experts

Join top-tier Citrix experts from our wildly popular Technology in Practice (TIPs) and Master Class webinars. We’re bringing together our a-team to dive deep into the technologies featured in the recent Citrix Summit Series.

Benefit from their mastery of these solutions and extensive field experience. You’ll get pure tech, no marketing – we promise. 

Cloud Master Class - TIPs on your hybrid cloud virtual app and desktop model

Let's make this perfectly clear… very few of us are going to go 100% cloud. As you start to incorporate cloud with your on-premises Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops deployment, we have a few helpful tips to help ensure your success.

This includes the following:

  • Integrating multiple resource locations into a unified experience
  • Strategies to reduce cloud costs
  • How to make the move to cloud as easy as possible

Workspace Master Class - TIPs on improving the experience

Our initial workspace began with local Windows apps, but our world expanded to include internal web apps and 3rd party SaaS apps. Although SaaS apps have made our world more flexible, they have done so at the cost of the user experience. How do we create a positive user experience while overcoming the latency concerns related to cloud-based services?

We will do so by focusing on the following topics:

  • Optimal routing for internal vs external users
  • Optimizing traffic for better experiences
  • Overcoming the countless password challenges impacting users every hour

Security Master Class - TIPs on building zero trust within your Citrix Workspace

My endpoint device is unlocked. It has dangerous applications. It is used by numerous people.  It is definitely an untrustworthy device. You know what? All of these things aren't going to stop me from using the same device for work.

With zero trust, these concerns are not as severe. With zero trust we can drastically reduce the attack surface while still allowing the user to get work done.

In this session, we will focus on:

  • Securing the user's identity
  • Securing the content 
  • Securing the app

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