Thursday, June 3, 2021 | 9:30 - 10:30 am PDT

Citrix IT Intelligence & Automation for Administrators

How to augment your Citrix expertise with Goliath Technologies' Embedded Intelligence & Automation (EIA).

Need to augment your Citrix expertise? Goliath’s Embedded Intelligence & Automation (EIA) Software enables IT generalists to deliver exceptional end-user experience using Citrix, regardless of their individual Citrix expertise.

In this webinar see how Goliath’s EIA will automatically discover and map your Citrix Delivery Infrastructure, monitor it based on best practices, and then alert on any issue that may impact end-user experience, so root cause can be isolated and fixed quickly. 

Software with Embedded Citrix Expertise enables you to: 

  • Anticipate user issues before they happen
  • Troubleshoot them quickly when they do
  • Document the root cause of issues to implement permanent fix actions


Shashidhar Reddy
Technical Marketing Manager

Thomas Charlton
Goliath Technologies

Avi Lip
Sr. Technical Consultant
Goliath Technologies

Every tenth webinar attendee (US and Canada only) will receive a set of wireless earbuds.
(Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees)

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