Accelerating Productivity without Compromise through Immersive Digital Workspaces

The way the world works is changing. Work is done in more locations, from more devices and in collaboration with more people than ever before. Many companies at the front lines of this change are struggling to transform their technology to meet the demands of their workforce. It is true that many IT organizations have embarked on a “digital transformation” journey, but some have made slow progress due to the way work is organized in their companies and how technology is adopted. Any of this sound familiar? Join this webinar for a fresh take on how work really gets done in the modern era and how technology can enable this new approach.

Topics discussed will include:

  • Current sources of friction that hamper productivity
  • Barriers to collaboration and execution
  • The importance of context and automation in enabling workers
  • Tips for selecting technologies that map to the new workforce


  • Chris Marsh, 451 Research
  • Matt Crawford, Director, Solutions Marketing, Citrix

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