Citrix SD-WAN Provides a Boost to the UCaaS Experience

Learn why Citrix SD-WAN beats local internet breakout even with typical SD-WANs

If your users depend on communications apps for voice and video, you can’t trust the public internet to provide reliable and optimized delivery. This is because the internet spans multiple providers and network hops to reach the UCaaS PoP in the cloud.

Is the benefit of cost-savings worth that risk?

Without an SD-WAN that comes with private, enterprise-grade connectivity over the internet to PoPs strategically co-located or near more than 1,000 SaaS apps and 150 cloud platforms, you risk lost productivity and frustrated customers.

Citrix SD-WAN Cloud Direct offers many of the same benefits as deploying a dual-ended SD-WAN, but for internet traffic including:

  • Redundant, high-speed, private backbone connections between Cloud Direct PoPs
  • "Hit-less" failover ensuring current user sessions are not disrupted, voice calls are not broken, and video streams don't need to be reestablished
  • Bi-directional, branch-to-service edge internet QoS

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