Evolving security strategies: It's time for a people-centric approach

Attackers aren’t storming the walls of your DMZ or planning a full-scale assault on your firewall. They’re stealing information by targeting your employees and sneaking in under the radar.

How do you combat that? By evolving your strategy from an attack-centric to a people-centric approach.

Use a secure digital perimeter to surround users, apps and data with defenses to securely deliver digital workspaces that are centered around the people that use them—whether those resources are virtual, SaaS, hybrid or cloud.

In this on-demand webinar we'll show you how you can:

  • Get visibility to mitigate growing security threats resulting from multi-cloud environments
  • Protect apps, data and network resources while maximizing user experience
  • Get insights into user behavior with rich analytics


  • Robin Manke-Cassidy, Director, Product Marketing, Citrix
  • Akhilesh Dhawan, Principal Product Marketing Manager, Citrix

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