Virtualization SHOWDOWN: How Citrix DaaS beats the competition

With more IT resources moving to the cloud and an increasingly remote and mobile workforce, you need to leverage a solution with a framework that enables greater user productivity, security, and IT management flexibility. This webinar shares why customers choose Citrix DaaS (formerly Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service) over the competition to solve, not only key IT challenges, but also address their key strategic initiatives. Get an understanding on some of the latest Citrix DaaS unique features and how they can help your organization more agile and secure while delivering an optimized user experience. Learn how Citrix DaaS adds value to Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop (now Azure Virtual Desktop) and how Citrix enables employees to “Work From Home.”

This webinar will cover:

  • How Citrix DaaS provides improved user productivity and a better experience
  • Real world examples from customers who chose Citrix over competition and why
    • Key differentiators that separate Citrix from the competition, such as VMware, and how they address common IT challenges
  • Functionality that delivers stronger security which extends to the cloud
  • Admin tools that enable greater flexibility to manage apps, data and devices for any on-prem, cloud or hybrid scenario


Rob Beekmans
Sr Product Marketing Manager

Nitin Sharma
Sr Technical Marketing Manager

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