The Future of Work - Bridging the Digital Experience Divide

In a hybrid, work-from-anywhere business climate, every employee needs a digital experience that enables them to succeed. To support them, IT teams need to be agile and equipped with tools that not only identify issues but also help to resolve them.

As a Citrix Ready partner, Lakeside Software shares Citrix’s total focus on user experience. Lakeside SysTrack FastTrack™ is critical for providing visibility and insight into the environment – especially at the assessment stage. It is optimized to collect and analyze actual user experience data and provide precise virtualization recommendations specific to a customer's unique configuration.

At this critical moment in the emergence of the digital workplace, the level of visibility provided by Citrix and Lakeside Software enables IT to bridge the digital experience divide in three ways.

User-centric IT: 92% of employees report that their digital experience at work can be improved, yet 60% of IT teams believe that they provide a quality of experience that is good or better. IT teams that can bridge this perception gap will contribute to higher productivity and elevated moral. A great digital experience for employees starts with giving IT teams the ability to quantify and measure it. A digital experience that can be measured, can be improved.

Actionable insight: 80% of users do not consistently report technology issues to their IT department, yet IT teams are still often dependent on users for insight into the quality of user experience. Visibility at the user level enables IT to proactively fix problems for individuals while also resolving similar issues that may occur across the estate.
DEX as a KPI: 90% of C-level executives report that digital employee experience is a priority in the age of hybrid work, yet less than half measure it today. Prioritizing digital experience empowers IT departments to improve workspace planning and employee experience.


Shashidhar Reddy
Technical Marketing Manager
Citrix Ready

Jason Coari
Senior Director of Product Marketing
Lakeside Software

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