Plan Your Approach to Business Continuity

Have you managed to keep your business running during this current crisis? Is it performing as originally planned? Are users satisfied with what has been provided?

We know IT departments in organizations all over the world had to urgently switch on their business continuity plans, and enable a remote workforce in just a few days. So, what next?

Citrix Customer Success Services are running a webinar to help answer the above questions and highlight where the current remote offerings deployed could be improved. As part of this webinar the aim is to give you the following:

  • Learn how to provide a better end-user experience.
  • A look at the technology that provides flexible access to apps and data needed to stay productive.
  • How to reduce the security risk of moving to a remote business.
  • What’s next, now that a short-term offering has been deployed?

Listen now to hear Citrix Consulting discuss some of their recent experiences deploying successfully remote working solutions to customers around the globe, sharing valuable tips and lessons learned.

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Damian Thompson
Senior Consultant
Citrix Consulting Northern Europe

Andy Mills
Field Architect
Citrix Consulting Northern Europe