Considering desktop as a service (DaaS)

How IT can help their business persevere through the pandemic

In a recent survey to IT leaders by IDG seeking to understand how IT could best help their businesses persevere through the pandemic, not surprisingly, one of top responses from was improving remote work experiences for their employees.

As most of IT has experienced since extended work from home began, enabling a consistent, reliable, and secure remote work experience for employees is much easier said than done. On top of the technical complexities of deploying a secure, productive experience to employees, there are shrinking IT budgets and limited IT bandwidth with which to implement these solutions. This is where Citrix's desktop as a service (DaaS) solution can help.

Tune into this webinar, hosted by IDG and Citrix to:

  • Learn whether a DaaS solution is right for your business
  • See the features of Citrix's DaaS solution
  • Understand how Citrix DaaS can benefit your growing business and
  • View a demonstration of how easy it is to get started in the Citrix cloud management console


Paul Carley
Citrix Product Marketing Manager

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