Business continuity made simple with Citrix ADC on Microsoft Azure

With over half a million joint customers, Microsoft Azure and Citrix ADC together are uniquely positioned and aligned to empower a cloud-enabled, mobile workforce. Our 30-year partnership and shared vision ensures best-in-class security, scalability, management, and performance of enterprise software and online services.

Download the eBook to see how Citrix ADC, together with Microsoft Azure, enables you to:

  • Provide simplified application delivery of applications to your customers, quickly and securely from a hybrid, multi-cloud deployment
  • Ensure fast application delivery, and reliable performance in a hybrid cloud environment
  • Keep essential functions up and running during a disruption and recover with as little productivity loss as possible
  • Protect workforce productivity and application availability–ensuring you can continue serving customers quickly

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Empowering your network with Citrix ADC and Microsoft Azure

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