Citrix Customer ABAG Group Protects Hybrid Workers with  Cloud-Delivered Security

Hear from Citrix customer, ABAG Group, on their strategy for successfully deploying a SASE architecture to enable employees, to work securely and productively from any location.

When strict safe distancing restrictions came into force in due to the COVID-19 pandemic, ABAG was required to enable all office employees to work from home. Within just two days, the IT department setup 250 home office workstations to provide secure and productive access to office applications and ERP systems virtualized in the data center.  

Attend this webinar to hear from ABAG and learn how: 

  • The IT team enabled employees, to work securely and productively from any location.
  • ABAG consolidated vendors, reduced cost of ownership, and added new security functions
  • Citrix Secure Internet Access protected users at home and in the office 


Akshay Kakar
Sr. Product Marketing Manager

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