Gain actionable insights for infrastructure and application security

Quickly pinpoint issues via a single pane of glass

Gaining insights into your infrastructure and application security can be challenging, especially when you are running workloads in a hybrid multi-cloud environment. You need to continually monitor all aspects of application security, including unauthorized access attempts and the severity of threats as well as the security posture of your configuration. By gaining visibility into security issues via easy-to-use dashboards organized in a single view, you can pinpoint security problems as they arise and rectify them immediately.

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Citrix Application Delivery Management is the only platform that provides infrastructure analytics and the comprehensive health score of each ADC and application in a single place. Now you can easily isolate and focus on critical ADC errors and use built-in workflows to address common issues for a programmatic and consistent approach to ensuring application security.

From a single, intuitive-to-use dashboard, you get:

  • Usage data for all your applications
  • Application health score to quickly spot anomalies
  • Trends for deeper and actionable insights
  • One-click provisioning and monitoring

Citrix Application Delivery Management analyzes the data across all your applications and separates critical security issues from a tsunami of data so that you can easily identify threats and take action to improve your security posture. Discover which applications are under attack, how frequently they are being attacked, where the attacks are coming from, if there is a trend to the attacks, and the type of attack like DDoS, bot, and SQL injection.

SSL certificate management is a critical part of ensuring application and API security. But it can also be time-consuming and error-prone whether you are deploying monolithic or microservices-based applications on-premises or in a public cloud. Citrix Application Delivery Management streamlines SSL certificate management across hybrid multi-cloud environments.

From the convenience of one dashboard, you can:

  • See which certificates are expiring and when
  • Check enterprise policy compliance for key strength, issuer, and signature algorithm
  • Evaluate certificate usage stats to make better decisions 
  • Manage the end-to-end lifecycle with one-click provisioning and monitoring