Try Networking VPX Express for hybrid, multi-cloud deployments

No license files, no cost, no commitment

Networking VPX Express is a free, software application delivery controller for app acceleration, availability, and security.

Standard edition, except Citrix Gateway, 20Mbps throughput and 250 concurrent SSL connections.

Easy to get started

No license to download*. Runs on any leading hypervisor or cloud. With pre-build templates and no licenses files required, the NEW VPX express can be deployed and up-running in minutes. Supports hybrid, multi-cloud deployments.

Advanced load balancing, SSL offload, centralized management and monitoring, and more

L4-7 and, traffic management and application acceleration with content compression and caching. Centralized network and application visibility and automation with Citrix Application Delivery Management.

Optimize app availability

Automatically scale load balancing services to meet server demand. Application templates help automate and deploy apps faster.

* Starting with NetScaler release 12.056.20, VPX Express for on-premise and cloud deployments does not require a license file.
Citrix Networking VPX Express supports up to 20Mbps of throughput and 250 SSL connections.
Citrix Networking VPX Express offers all capabilities in the NetScaler Standard Edition  [More details about the standard edition can be found in Citrix ADC data sheet], except Gateway functionality

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