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October 13th
EPISODE 18: Citrix Launchpad Work: Google Contact Center & Wrike

Wrike is a collaborative work management solution that allows you to track and manage your projects easily and efficiently. In this episode we invite, Sarah O’Donnell, Technology Specialist, to talk to us about what Wrike is and what problems it solves. We then dive deep into our partnership announcement with Google for contact center solutions. For this portion of the episode, we invite Danijela Nandi, Sr. Product Manager, to chat about why contact centers have become so vital today.

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October 6th
EPISODE 17: Citrix Secure Private Access

Our new solution Secure Private Access and Secure Access is a new cloud-delivered zero trust service. Secure Private Access allows you to provide secure and contextual access to all your applications and is integrated into one service. Secure Private Access allows you to provide secure and contextual access to all your applications and is integrated into one service. This new service was announced during the security Launchpad. In this episode we talk to Andre Leibovici, Principal Product Marketing Manager, to learn more.

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September 29th
EPISODE 16: Citrix Image Portability & PVS on public cloud

Citrix Image Portability Service dramatically simplifies and streamlines the management of images across platforms which facilitates managing images between an on-premises resource location and one in a public cloud, like Azure. Citrix Provisioning has been a loved Citrix technology for over a decade. Citrix Provisioning (PVS) is a streaming technology that delivers OS images including applications, patches, updates, and other information to virtual and physical machines. PVS used to be a technology that was exclusive to on-prem customers. During the Launchpad event, they announced PVS on public cloud which is currently in tech preview.

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September 15th
EPISODE 15: Enabling Remote and Hybrid Learning

Back to school season is in full swing. The 2020 school year was especially hard on students and teachers alike. When covid-19 hit, most schools and universities were not equipped for remote learning. More than 200 million higher-ed students and over 250 million children age k-12 were affected globally. A lot of schools had serious IT challenges that forced them to reevaluate and change their IT infrastructure.  The challenges schools faced were not unique to them and were shared with a lot of industries that had to shift overnight to remote or flexible work environment. In this episode we talk about how Citrix is able to help enable remote and hybrid learning.

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September 1st
EPISODE 14: How Citrix Autoscale helps you balance costs and user experience

When designing their environments, most admins have the challenge of finding the right balance between managing costs while still delivering a great user experience, especially when talking about cloud workloads. Citrix Autoscale, a feature of Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops service, provides a consistent, high-performance solution to proactively power manage your machines to balance costs and user experience.

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July 28th
EPISODE 13: Ransomware Part 2—How can Citrix help

We’re back for part 2 of our ransomware series. In the previous episode, we discussed exactly what ransomware is, why it has become so prevalent, and how you can get infected. In this episode we talk about how you can use Citrix to gain visibility into your environment and prevent ransomware attacks. With Citrix we provide solutions that increase security without compromising the end-user experience.

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July 14th
EPISODE 12: Ransomware Part 1–What Is It?  

There have been many ransomware attacks that have made it to national news in the last couple of months. In this two-part episode series, we invite Citrix Lead Sales Engineer J.R. Goldman to talk about ransomware. During part one, we discuss exactly what ransomware is and why it has become so prevalent. We also examine how ransomware is spread, what effects it has on a business, and how attackers are able to infiltrate environments.

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June 30th
EPISODE 11: Zero Trust Network Access and Citrix

Cyber-attacks continue to grow and one of the most common threats are internal attackers. Combine this with more users working remotely from untrusted networks and personal devices becoming the norm, and it leaves IT with a greater attack surface they need to protect. Therefore, a lot of companies are now looking at a zero trust security model. With a zero trust architecture no one is trusted by default and users are adaptively granted access based on contextual awareness using patterns based on identity, time, and device posture. Join us as we talk in depth about zero trust network access (ZTNA) and how Citrix can help.

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June 16th
EPISODE 10: DaaS: What Is It, Why Use It, And When To Implement It

Desktop as a service, also known as DaaS, helps customers have a more agile environment to scale up and down as needed by removing the administrative overload that is required with a full on-premises environment. And in true Citrix fashion, we want to provide our customers the flexibility to design and architect their environment in a way that meets their needs. In this episode, Citrix Product Management Director Kireeti Valicherla and Citrix Senior Product Marketing Manager Adam Lotz talk to us about DaaS. They share how the industry defines DaaS and why it’s important and discuss how Citrix provides our customers with DaaS solutions. We also discuss the different architectural options available to our Citrix customers.

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June 2nd
EPISODE 9: Behind the scenes of Major League Baseball® and Citrix

Earlier this year, Citrix became the official Workspace and App Delivery Management Partner of Major League Baseball (MLB). In this episode of The Click-Down, we talk with MLB Chief Information Security Officer Neil Boland to learn more about how their IT organization is structured and works. Neil shares with us how MLB is using Citrix technology to improve employee productivity while keeping security top of mind. Neil talks about how they can ensure all the clubs have a security baseline to make sure their intellectual property isn’t compromised, especially when they’re on the road.

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May 19th
EPISODE 8: Off to the Races with Formula 1 Red Bull Racing Honda and Citrix

Formula 1 is an exciting, exhilarating sport to watch. With 23 races over nine months on five continents, it takes a lot of planning behind the scenes to ensure things run smoothly. As a Red Bull Racing Honda Innovation Partner, Citrix has provided the team with a better way to work by delivering the experience, security, and choice they need to unlock productivity and innovation. In this episode of The Click-Down, Chief Information Officer of Red Bull Racing Honda, Matt Cadieux, joins us to provide an inside look at everything that that has to happen behind the scenes to have a successful race.

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May 5th
EPISODE 7: A Look Into Wrike, Citrix’s Latest Acquisition

With more and more employees working remotely last year, collaborating, and keeping track of projects became a challenge. Different teams utilize different tools making it hard to stay on top of deadlines and tasks that need to be completed. Earlier this year, Citrix finalized the acquisition of Wrike, a leader in the collaborative work management space. Wrike empowers end-users to track, report, and collaborate across different project. In this episode, we invite George Kuruvilla, Global Strategist, to talk to us about which problems Wrike is solving and how it integrates with hundreds of tools that your company might already be utilizing.

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April 21st
EPISODE 6: What is SASE?

The explosion of SaaS applications, a global pandemic forcing a majority of the work force to work remotely, and attacks becoming more sophisticated, was the perfect storm for SASE to gain popularity in the last 12 months. In this episode, we talk about what SASE is and why it’s important. We invite Eric Beiers, Principal Security Architect, to demystify what SASE is and how he has seen customers approach it. Finally, he discusses how Citrix offers a complete SASE solution that meets all of the recommended and mandatory components defined by Gartner.

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April 7th
EPISODE 5: How Citrix Can Help with Mergers & Acquisitions + Tech Updates

Merging two companies takes a lot more planning than signing the paperwork. IT administrators need to architect a solution to allow end users to access resources from both companies, all while maintaining security requirements to keep the intellectual property secure. In this episode, we walk through how Citrix can help in mergers and acquisitions. We interview Citrix Lead Systems Engineer Brian Olsen, who shares how a customer utilized Citrix during an M&A. We also share tech updates to ensure you are up to speed on everything you need to know with Citrix.

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March 24th
EPISODE 4: Improve your environment with Citrix Performance Analytics

Information overload can make it overwhelming for administrators to parse through data and find relevant information. Citrix Analytics for Performance aggregates site performance metrics into simple dashboards to improve the end-user experience and optimize your sites. Citrix Principal Product Manager Vivek KR explains how these dashboards are generated and how administrators can take advantage of Citrix Analytics.

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March 10th
EPISODE 3: How to Empower Users with Citrix Microapps

Citrix Microapps allow administrators to present single uses cases to end-users through Citrix Workspace. This enables end-users to complete these tasks without having to navigate through complex business applications. Through the out-of-the-box templates for microapps we are able to create an easy and effective way to perform departmental workflows. We have also added Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop service templates to provide end-users with self-service actions right from within their workspace. Join us as we talk to Nathan Mote, Sr. Product Manager, and Phil Wiffen, Technical Marketing manager, about the power of Citrix microapps.

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February 24th
EPISODE 2: Citrix Service Continuity—What Happens When the Cloud Fails?

Everything fails at one point of another. So instead of preventing failure, we need to be prepared for when things fail. What happens when the cloud fails? How can we ensure an optimal undisruptive user experience even when services are down? In this episode, we invited Fernando Klurfan, Principal Product Manager, to talk to use about Service Continuity, a new Citrix Workspace feature, currently in Tech Preview, that minimizes the dependency on the availability of the different cloud components. Don’t wait for the cloud to fail—listen, learn, and be prepared!

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February 10th
EPISODE 1: Citrix Automated Configuration Tool

Imagine if there was a way to automate moving? All the time saved, could be used to do other things. The Citrix Automated Configuration Tool helps you migrate and export your configurations to Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktop Service. So, if you were hesitating to make the move to cloud because you didn't have time to do it manually, now you have automation to help.

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January 20th
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