Citrix Site Search

Site search refers to searches conducted by users on via the search box in the upper right corner of the site. Site search helps users quickly find information available on the site. Some aspects of the search results can be manipulated to guide users to the most relevant content.

Site Search Basics

The Citrix Web Experience team manages the site search functionality, and results can include a combination of the following features:

  • Standard search: Standard search works by searching pages on the site and returning automated results based on relevance. The standard search also provides results from when appropriate.
  • Predictive search: Predictive search is enabled for the top search terms on When a user searches on one of these terms, they receive up to 5 manually configured recommended results. With this feature, users can click directly to the most relevant results without visiting the search results page.
  • Key matches: Key matches provide the ability to manually configure and display a specific URL at the top of the search results to direct users to the most relevant page as quickly as possible.

How often are search results updated?

The site search appliance updates daily. New pages that are linked from other areas on should be available in automatically generated search results the day after they are added to the site. To add new pages that are not linked from other areas on, or to update key match or predictive search results, submit an update request at:

I don’t see the results I expect when I search for a term, why?

Search results for a given search term are based on manually configured matches as well as automatically populated results. If you don’t see the results you expect for a given search, it may mean that the page is not as relevant to the search as other pages on the site. It may also mean that the manually configured matches need to be updated or that the automatic search has not discovered the page yet.

How can I request an update to the search results?

Request for updates to the site search results can be submitted at: