NetApp and Citrix SD-WAN

Significantly reduce storage replication time and bandwidth requirements

Reduce required bandwidth by almost 90 percent

The Citrix SD-WAN WAN optimization portfolio helps enterprises reduce WAN bandwidth congestion, improve the virtual desktop user experience, and accelerate traditional enterprise applications while providing a secure interconnection of enterprise branch and data center location with public and private cloud networks. When deployed in conjunction with NetApp storage and Citrix Virtual Apps and Desktops, Citrix Virtual Apps, and/or Citrix Content Collaboration solutions, the Citrix SD-WAN portfolio can reduce bandwidth required per user by almost 90 percent, while also providing significant performance improvements for traditional enterprise applications such as e-mail, file sharing, and database transactions.

Accelerate NetApp SnapMirror replication by 9X

The Citrix SD-WAN solution portfolio is certified for NetApp SnapMirror® deployments, allowing enterprises to significantly reduce storage replication time and corresponding bandwidth requirements. Citrix has tested and validated its Citrix SD-WAN appliances with the NetApp SnapMirror® technology. The combined NetApp and Citrix SD-WAN solution can provide up to a 10x improvement in replication times over the optimal NetApp configurations, with a correspondingly significant reduction in WAN traffic.