Citrix Workspace app 2110 for Windows Technology Preview

Release Date: Oct 13, 2021

Citrix Workspace app 2110 for Windows

Oct 13, 2021
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Version: (2110)

  • SHA-256 - ad3b1349b7198b15026ab489aa074e05499cdc4134e1a80b53433845ac3ad6b8

Note: This is an Early Access Build shared for the purpose of testing/validation with the intent to make organizations ready for the upcoming release and is NOT advised to be deployed in production environments.

What's New in 2110

Improved virtual desktop experience

This release improves the experience when resizing virtual desktops.

Fixed issues in 2110

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

If you've installed Workspace app with a version earlier than 2109 as a user and the admin installs version 2109, the "Entry point not found" error message appears if you sign in to the device again as a user. When you click *OK*, the message disappears, and the Workspace app is updated to version 21.0.9. [RFWIN-25008] 


Citrix Workspace app authentication might fail after initialization when attempted using a smart card through Citrix Gateway. If you refresh the authentication process after 15 minutes, a 404-error message might appear in the embedded browser within Citrix Workspace. This results in the app being stuck in the authentication loop until you close and reopen the app. [RFWIN-25006]


  • In the multi-monitor mode, a blank screen appears when you disconnect the display while sharing the screen in Microsoft Teams. [HDX-34733]

Known issues in 2110

  • If you have enabled Browser Content Redirection, you cannot sign into Google sites or Google Meet. [HDX-34649]
    As a workaround:

1. Ensure that* is available in the Access Control List.

2. Ensure that* is in the authentication sites list.

3. Sign in to your Google account on any intermediary Google site, for example, YouTube

4. From the same instance of Google Chrome, launch Google Meet.

  • While using Citrix Workspace Browser, you are unable to take screenshot of unprotected URL windows even when protected windows are minimized. [CTXBR-1925]

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