SDX Bundle (Maintenance Phase) 12.1-58.14

Release Date: Aug 19, 2020


12.1-58.14 build addresses the security vulnerabilities described in

This Citrix ADC Release (Maintenance Phase) 12.1 Build 57.18 includes many new features/enhancements.

For list of Enhancements and Known issues refer to Release Notes-58.14

For detailed documentation for the release refer to  Citrix ADC 12.1

Product Information:

For Citrix ADC Product information (data sheets, white papers …)  please visit

SDX Platform Software Bundle 12.1 Build 58.14

Aug 19, 2020
1.6 GB - (.tgz) Download File
  • SHA-256 - cb57e0f1994d024f131e27fa52456e4d57fd438ce8e2dacdb2e012da3e8988f0

Note for SDX Bundle:

  • The set of Citrix ADC SDX platform software components in each SDX release bundle are the recommended set for that particular release. Components of a given SDX platform release bundle are tested together, released together. Customer systems are expected to have all components from the same release bundle/set for proper functionality of the system. Use of components from different release bundles/sets have not been tested and may or may not work as expected, especially if there are any component interdependencies for a particular platform or feature.
    • Components comprising the single bundle: SVM, XS and XS HotFixes, and XS Supplemental Packs.
  • Citrix ADC VPX is not part of the SDX software bundle and can be any compatible version as noted here
  • There is no custom version of NS software for SDX Appliances unless noted otherwise here
  • See below download links for NS software by release versions.
  • Use case


    NS Software

    To upgrade existing VPX instances on any platform including SDX



    NS Upgrade Packages by Release

    To create new VPX instances on any XS based platform including SDX



    NS XVA Packages by Release