Protect your network from browser-based attacks

Redirect risky internet browsing activity to an isolated, cloud-hosted browser  

With the rising amount of ransomware, malware and data theft attacks originating from users browsing the internet, organizations are looking for solutions to segregate the high-risk web traffic and execution of web code away from the internal, trusted network. IT must be able to provide users with secure access to run a browser in the cloud, while still maintaining control. Because all internet browsing is external, a secure browser solution reduces the risk of attack. The user receives a consistent browser experience, but without unwittingly introducing potential threats into the corporate network. By isolating internet browsing, IT administrators can offer end users safe internet access without sacrificing security.

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Citrix Secure Browser completely redirects internet browsing activities to a cloud-hosted web browser, adding layers of security. Now all your user’s risky internet browsing actions are separated from the corporate network.  Citrix Secure Browser is designed to enable users to traverse the internet; however, only screen updates, mouse click and keystroke commands associated with navigating the internet cross the network to reach the user’s endpoint device on the corporate, greatly reducing the risk of data exposure or exfiltration. No website data or information resides on the user device or in the local browser cache, and nothing is left behind when the network connection is terminated, aiding security and compliance.

With Citrix Secure Browser, users leverage the high-performance, secure remote access technology Citrix has perfected for years to make the cloud-hosted web browser look and behave as if it was running like a locally installed browser the user’s device.  This is all feasible without even requiring the user to install a client or stand-alone application on their device. Citrix Secure Browser integrates with Citrix Workspace app for HTML5 to securely and transparently display the web application in the cloud-hosted, virtual web browser.

Citrix Secure Browser is available as a fully hosted Citrix Cloud service, which includes  management components as well as the associated cloud IaaS used to host the isolated web browser. This is ideal for many organizations because Citrix manages the cloud infrastructure and service components, making it a true turnkey solution. Citrix Secure Browser can be set up in minutes and seamlessly integrates with Citrix StoreFront to showcase the new isolated web browser instance side-by-side with your published applications.

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Citrix Secure Browser

  • Protects the corporate network against malware, ransomware and data theft.
  • Delivers secure, remote access to a cloud-hosted web browser thereby isolating and protecting the corporate network.
  • Provides simple, secure access to a cloud-hosted browser utilizing Citrix state-of-the-art virtualization technology for a high-performance experience every time.

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