Cloud helps large hotel chain accelerate and manage growth

With Citrix Cloud, InTown Suites gains the flexibility, control, and cost-effectiveness it needs to expand rapidly

Doing more with less is the motto of many businesses. For InTown Suites, America’s largest economy, extended-stay hotel chain, it’s more than a motto—it’s the core business model. “This company runs on controlling costs and passing the savings on to our guests,” says Jon Pertchik, chief executive at InTown Suites.

Part of doing more with less is seamlessly adding acquired and newly built hotels—without growing IT staff. By moving to Citrix Cloud desktop deployment and management, the company can do just that.

Citrix Cloud—and its integrated XenApp and XenDesktop Service and Citrix Smart Tools—delivers operational efficiencies that help InTown Suites meet the demands of a fast-growing business.

“Using Citrix Cloud, we achieved everything we wanted,” says Jeff Robinson, InTown Suite’s IT director. “We centralized apps and databases, gained greater control and security, improved efficiency and reliability for our staff, and reduced capital expenditures and operating costs.”

Consistent experience

With the Citrix Cloud, hotel staff now have more reliable and faster access to corporate applications such as the hotel’s NiteVision property management system. “Citrix Cloud gives our employees a more consistent way to access company applications,” says Robinson. “Whether staff are remote and off-site or at the property, they get the same experience.”

And because the Citrix Cloud is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS), explains Robinson, “it allows us to securely manage our data, including personally identifiable information.”

Flexibility and agility

InTown Suites has 189 locations in 22 states and continues to expand both its core brand and its newer upscale brand, UpTown Suites. “Our market share is currently at 26 percent, but we’re aiming to double that,” says Pertchik. The company is moving rapidly toward that goal, adding 50 locations in just one year’s time.

“Despite having a limited IT staff, we can quickly adapt to business changes and seamlessly roll out applications to new acquisitions,” says Robinson. “Our Citrix Cloud environment gives us the flexibility and agility we need to grow.”

Always-current software

With the XenApp and XenDesktop Service, hotel and IT staff no longer need to spend time updating software on desktop computers. “In the past, we had to update and maintain all the software ourselves,” says Robinson. “Now with Citrix, we can make changes in our environment more quickly because the environment is managed by Citrix.”   

In addition to its NiteVision system, InTown Suites has integrated credit card machines, ID scanners, and biometric scanners in the Citrix Cloud environment. The Citrix solution makes it easier for InTown Suites’ network administrators to modify the environment on the fly.

Customer savings

In every market, InTown Suites is known for its competitive pricing, which means it is “always looking for ways to deliver the ‘frugal wow.’” By streamlining IT operations, such as consolidating 190 servers located at individual hotels into one corporate data center, the chain can pass those savings on to its customers while improving security and.control.

Robinson’s small IT team manages the entire environment, with no increase in staff required, even as the company expands.

For a company that wants to be the perfect choice for anyone on a budget, the Citrix Cloud solution lets InTown Suites deliver on that brand promise every day. “Citrix Cloud saves us money—for people, power, equipment, and capital—while significantly increasing performance,” says Robinson.

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Despite having a limited IT staff, we can quickly adapt to business changes and seamlessly roll out applications to new acquisitions.
Jeff Robinson
IT Director
InTown Suites

Citrix solution

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