Detect and prevent security breaches

Use advanced analytics and insights to stop threats before they happen

The widespread adoption of SaaS, cloud, and mobile apps has made it harder for IT to identify and address potential cyber threats across hybrid architectures. While many of these apps and services are sanctioned by IT, some are not. Complete visibility across apps, users, networks, and devices eliminates security blind spots and helps IT identify, analyze, and respond to threats proactively. 

Detect and prevent ransomware with Citrix Analytics for Security

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Insider threats, whether innocent or malicious, pose a significant threat to your sensitive data and intellectual property (IP). Citrix Analytics for Security allows you to sense, analyze, and proactively respond to these security threats before they happen. It uses machine learning to create a risk profile for each user as they access networks, apps, and data. If a user exhibits anomalous behavior, like unusual usage of an application or excessive file sharing activity as part of potential data exfiltration objective, Citrix Analytics for Security autonomously takes action to dissolve the threat — such as blocking the user’s device or access — before your data is compromised.

Citrix Content Collaboration with Citrix Analytics for Security lets employees securely share files from any device while allowing IT to keep track of user activity, detect a breach and isolate it, and quickly recover any compromised data. Ransomware attackers often target devices or accounts, replacing existing files with encrypted versions. Citrix Analytics for Security quickly filters out behavior that likely is not an attack, leaving only those collections of events that resemble ransomware. Automated actions including logging the user off or placing the user in quarantine can then take place to halt the attack. Plus, in many cases, Citrix Content Collaboration can provide recoverable versions of compromised files.

Implementing piecemeal workspace and security solutions leaves gaps in your security posture. An integrated, holistic solution with built-in analytics and monitoring tools is a stronger defense against ever-evolving security attacks.

Citrix Analytics for Security collects and aggregates metrics on users, applications, endpoints, networks, and data to provide comprehensive insights into user behavior across the entire Citrix digital workspace. It uses machine learning algorithms to detect anomalous user behavior, monitor and troubleshoot user sessions, and view operational metrics. And it’s all made available in one, easy-to-use, cloud-based security incident detection and response platform.

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Citrix Analytics for Security

  • Leverage easy-to-use dashboards to monitor behavior across the Citrix portfolio
  • Identify and act on malicious user behavior and app anomalies
  • Detect and halt ransomware attacks
  • Prevent access to blacklisted or risky websites