A culture of belonging

Diversity, inclusion and belonging

Today’s heightened level of awareness around social injustice brings to light the importance of Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging as companies reflect on the ways systemic issues can be addressed within their own organizations and communities. Our solutions enable a better way to work and embrace the power of human difference. Citrix makes possible a distributed and flexible work environment, facilitating the recruitment and retention of a broader base of diverse talent. Here at Citrix, our diverse workforce spans multiple generations and lives and operates in more than 40 countries.

In 2019, we launched “Cultivating a Culture of Belonging” for our employees, a learning series to explore our own identities, share best practices and offer support as we champion inclusiveness and belonging across the enterprise.

In 2019, we launched “Cultivating a Culture of Belonging” for our employees, a learning series to explore our own identities, share best practices and offer support as we champion inclusiveness and belonging across the enterprise. Through this program, employees are learning how our identities inform our perspectives, and how to incorporate other points of view. The program helps employees encourage an inclusive work environment and learn which factors foster diversity in the workplace.

Over the past year, we focused on enhancing our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging program and tailoring it to Citrix: our people, our values and our culture. And, since we believe that trust begins with transparency and vulnerability, we have spent this year focusing on sharing more of our diversity metrics and progress, including where we’ve made progress and where we can do better.

In the area of Human Capital Management, we have launched a number of diversity and inclusion (D&I) efforts, including an employee-run committee focused on D&I initiatives. In addition, we expanded global parental leave benefits, gender pay-equity initiatives and diversity-focused scholarships and programs to support underrepresented minorities, veterans and disabled workers.

Effecting change requires us all to better understand how our own unintentional behaviors hinder diversity efforts. That’s why starting this year, we have made unconscious bias training part of our overall D&I training.

While D&I training has always been a part of the Citrix culture, we know that we must do more. Effecting change requires us all to better understand how our own unintentional behaviors hinder diversity efforts. That’s why this year, we asked all employees to complete unconscious bias training. The training is designed to help Citrix employees uncover unconscious biases that result in prejudices and stereotypes. We have also continued to build bias mitigation practices into our people processes. For example, removing gendered language from job postings, giving managers tools to mitigate bias before a performance review, and encouraging diverse interview panels to make objective decisions on candidates. Later in the year, we plan to introduce additional resources focused on creating diverse and inclusive work environments.

For years, we have supported corporate citizenship initiatives; instituted policies and structures to promote diversity, inclusion, and belonging; and studied gender pay-equity across our organization. Going forward, we are committed to improving our transparency to provide more holistic data for ESG-related external disclosure.

2020 gender headcount

Data is from December 2019.
Gender is global.
"Leadership" represents VP levels and above.

2020 race and ethnicity
(U.S. only)

Data is from December 2019.
Race and ethnicity is U.S. only.
"Leadership" represents VP levels and above.

Our diversity, inclusion & belonging strategy

At Citrix, we’re striving to create a Culture of Belonging where we each feel like we fit in, can take risks, and are empowered to contribute as ourselves to drive the future of work. To achieve this, we have built our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging Strategy on four key pillars:


Develop diversity

Reach new candidate sources and support employee growth.

Mitigate unconscious bias

Remove the unconscious barriers to attract, develop and retain the best talent across background and identity.


Grow inclusive leaders and teams

Develop all Citrix employees to practice inclusion as the way we work.

Mobilize our employees

Harness the passion in our workforce to experiment, learn and grow together.

One of the ways we celebrate diversity is through our Employee Resource Groups (ERGs)

Our ERGs support underrepresented groups of employees and build “safe spaces” for members, educate allies and attract and retain talent. ERGs are an important component of our Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging efforts, addressing topics like career development, mentoring, advocacy and networking.

More than 2,300 employees are engaged with Citrix ERGs—approximately 30 percent of our employee base. Today, we have ten ERGs with 29 chapters across nine offices in seven countries. Each ERG has the support of an Executive Leadership Team Champion and a Senior Vice President or Vice President-level sponsor, to provide guidance, visibility and support to the ERG’s chair and broader membership.

ERGs benefit Citrix by connecting us around the globe, improving our workforce representation and providing awareness and feedback that make us better as a company and a steward in the communities we serve. Citrix has the following ERGs:

Women’s Inspirational Network (WIN)

For more than ten years, WIN has been providing support, enhancing career development and evolving the work environment for women at Citrix. Every March, WIN members lead the celebration of International Women’s Day, an official holiday in 20 countries. The 2020 festivities celebrated the 100th anniversary of women’s constitutional right to vote in the U.S. WIN has more than 500 members across nine Citrix offices in the U.S., Central America, India, East Asia and Europe.

Black Professionals Network (BPN)

BPN was established in 2017 to support employees of African descent by providing networking opportunities, mentorship and education for both allies and members, as well as support Citrix’s efforts to attract and retain diverse talent and suppliers. In 2020, the BPN has been a driving force within Citrix for Racial Equity, hosting Daring Dialogue discussions and working with Corporate Citizenship and Diversity, Inclusion & Belonging to drive systemic, internal and personal change at Citrix.

Pride Alliance—LGBTQ+

The Pride Alliance was established more than a decade ago by LGBTQ+ employees at Citrix to gain domestic partner benefits for their spouses. Since then, they have partnered with the company to champion industry-leading initiatives, making Citrix a leader for LGBTQ+ rights, scoring 100% in the last four HRC Corporate Equality Indexes. The Pride Alliance has more than 300 members across seven offices in the U.S., Central America and Europe.

Latino Professionals Group (LPG)

LPG was founded in 2017 to promote awareness of Latino issues and foster a sense of community and belonging at Citrix. Each Fall, Citrix celebrates Hispanic Heritage Month, which spans from September 15 to October 15 and celebrates the histories, cultures, and contributions of Hispanic, Latino, and Latinx people in the U.S. LPG has more than 150 members, made up of Latinos, part-Latinos, and Latinos-by-association, who have a passion for Latino culture, food, dance, experience, and of course, the Latino people.

Citrix Emerge

Launched in March of 2020, Emerge had its first event on the last day Citrix employees were in the office before COVID sent all employees home. As one of our newest ERGs, it has embraced a virtual model of engagement. Its mission is to engage, support and inspire the next generation of Citrix employees by building a cross-functional community of professionals emerging in their careers or any new role.

Foster Family & Adoption Group

Founded in 2017, this ERG provides an open and supportive atmosphere for employees who are in the process of adopting or considering adoption or fostering. The main focus of the group is to provide support to nonprofits focused on child abuse prevention, foster care awareness and adoption services.

Citrix Enabled

This ERG was founded in 2017 as a caregiver’s group for parents of special needs children. In 2020, Enabled was reimagined to promote the awareness of diverse-abilities, including physical disabilities, neurodiversity and mental health in the workplace while also offering a community of support for Citrix employees and their loved ones. The group strives to develop a culture where all employees feel empowered by their abilities by advocating for accessibility across physical space and technology and by educating to reduce stigma.

Parent & Caregivers

This ERG was started as an online support group for parents at the start of the COVID work-from-home period in April 2020. It has grown to be one of our largest ERGs, with members in every region of the world. In September 2020, the parents’ group combined with the caregivers’ group, to officially launch as our newest ERG.

Military Veterans

Supports military veterans and military families at Citrix globally. Members are comprised of active duty military reservists, veterans, military family members and allies. Working closely with corporate citizenship and talent acquisition, the ERG has been instrumental in recruiting military candidates, supporting active-duty and veteran nonprofits and promoting cyber education.

Asian Professionals

Founded in 2020 by Citrix employees of Asian and Pacific Islander descent and allies, dedicated to social, professional and cultural development. A truly virtual ERG, they have members in most of Citrix’s U.S. offices.

Developing accessible products for those with disabilities

In 2020 we teamed up with accessibility experts to ensure that our digital services—such as websites, mobile apps, electronic documents, software products and other digital systems, are accessible to people with disabilities. As more and more everyday activities go digital—including shopping, remote work, education, healthcare and banking—people with disabilities need to be able to access these services more than ever before. We are working to make sure Citrix software is accessible to all users.

Specifically, we are emphasizing these areas:

  • Web accessibility

  • Company-wide digital accessibility

  • Accessibility of online chat functions

  • Establishing a plan to ensure social media postings are accessible

In 2019, Citrix signed the Valuable 500 Commitment, supporting a global movement to put disability on the business leadership agenda. The initiative includes the following commitments:

  • Ensure that disability inclusion is on our board agenda

  • Make at least one firm commitment to action

  • Share our commitment with the business and the world

We’re honored to be recognized with three Best Places to Work awards:

  • With a score of 90 percent, Citrix has been named for the second year in a row to the 2020 Disability Equality Index (DEI)®

  • For the fourth year in a row, Citrix was named a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ+ Equality by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

  • Citrix has been named to Working Mother magazine’s third annual list of the Best Companies for Dads. Citrix was granted this honor for leading in the areas of paternity leave, childcare, flexible schedules and more.

Benefits and wellness

Citrix is known for providing industry-leading paid leave for new parents by providing all parents (moms, dads, and partners) 18 weeks of paid leave to care for a newborn or newly adopted child. This is just one more way Citrix supports our employees’ work/life harmony and their growing families in one of life’s most exciting (and challenging!) times. This paid leave is in addition to the nine paid holidays and other paid time off (PTO) from Citrix for family-focused time.

We provide health benefits and wellness programs for employees and their families. We provide free healthy snacks and fitness programs (where available), cafés that serve fresh, nutritious meals and wellness and educational events. In addition to a competitive base salary or hourly wage, Citrix offers a company-matched 401K, performance-based bonus program, recognition awards and appreciation events for employees.

“Take a break, take a moment, reset yourself.”

Due to COVID-19, we were unable to conduct our annual health fairs in person, but we continue to hold events virtually, including healthy cooking classes, wellness classes and parenting information sessions.

During 2020, we also grew our mindfulness community. Mindfulness is a practice that helps employees strengthen their brain’s ability to focus and helps them avoid getting sidetracked by stress. Mindfulness can also help employees navigate conflict and strengthen their resilience in a world where change and transformation are the new normal.

We now offer daily mindfulness sessions to everyone at Citrix. We have also started a global mindfulness moment that provides all our offices a global moment to offer meditation to their teams. Mindfulness is a way for people to calm their minds. It’s a scheduled moment break during which everyone is invited to, “Take a break, take a moment, reset yourself.”