Blog: The Future is Now with Cisco VXI and Citrix

Brad Peterson, director of Executive Engagement, gives his views on what the expanded alliance between Cisco and Citrix means to customers.

I’m Brad Peterson, the director of Executive Engagement at Citrix and I run the brand new Citrix Conference Center in Santa Clara, California where we host over 500 of our customers a year, from around the world. During these meetings we hear from the customers about their top business challenges and dive into on the details of their current app and desktop virtualization plans and projects. This inevitably leads into a discussion about architecture and the infrastructure needed to support desktop virtualization.

Over the years we’ve noticed a clear trend in customers moving from learning about desktop virtualization to actually deploying desktop virtualization in large numbers. During their visit, I take the customers through a series of demos where they get the full experience of how desktop and application virtualization works.  

As I show this across a diverse set end of end point devices, I really see the “ah-ha moment’ when they realize they can finally address this explosion of end point devices in a secure, manageable, cost-effective manner. There has also been an explosion of rich media in business communications – from written to verbal to video — and so naturally organizations of all types and sizes are also trying to ensure their virtual desktops can deliver a high definition experience to their users.

And, that brings me to Cisco and the great things we’re doing together. Cisco VXI is an ideal platform to host a virtual desktop infrastructure, and, at the same time, integrate  their existing Cisco Unified Communications. Calls are setup and routed using the Cisco Unified Personal Communicator application on the virtual desktop, and yet all the audio and video traffic is run directly between the end phone devices, whether standard Cisco IP phones or via the Cisco Cius tablet. Customers get very excited to see these technologies in action, — and you can too in this short video.

I’m equally excited by the promise of our strategic alliance agreement, which we announced today, and the new innovations we are working on together to further simplify the deployment of high-definition virtual desktops and applications and improve end-user experiences over a highly secure Citrix HDX™-enabled Cisco® network.