The Citrix Virtualization Index

The Citrix Virutalization Index gives a snapshot of how enterprises are using or plan to use server and desktop virtualization technologies.

Virtualization is one of the fastest growing technologies in corporate IT. It offers tremendous opportunities for improved computing performance, and end-user experience, while simultaneously cutting costs and centralizing control and management.

Key findings this report include:

  • Desktop virtualization has been adopted in some form by around two-thirds of the organizations surveyed.
  • Close to half of those surveyed in North America are currently evaluating and trialing desktop virtualization.
  • Fourty percent of those surveyed in North America are planning to extend or have already deployed desktop virtualization across their organizations.
  • Those surveyed cited the top three benefits of desktop virtualization to be faster desktop deployment, the ability to access desktops from any location or any device, and data security and access control.

The results of this report are based on a survey of 700 CIOs across four countries in organizations with more than 500 employees.

The full report is available for download here.