Storage Review: Citrix Unveils Unified Workspace APP

Storage Review recaps the announcement of the Citrix Workspace App at Synergy 2018 in Anaheim, noting the product increases productivity and security.

The article states, "Work has changed over the last decade. No longer do employees go into an office and work solely there, in many instances they work from home or a mobile device. Whether this is for an at home workforce, travel, or just completing tasks that need urgent attention, the ratio of traditional office workers to mobile workers is now 1:1. While this can be great for the core businesses that sees more productivity and collaboration, it also can introduce some headaches in security and compliance with the various versions of different software on different systems being used, secure or problematic. Citrix new Workspace APP aims to not only resolve the above issues it will do so with a good end user experience to increase productivity."

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