Forbes: Context Is King: How To Secure The Digital Workspace

Citrix CTO Explains the importance of data security in a hybrid, multi-cloud world.

Forbes Tech Council featured an article by Citrix CTO, Christian Reilly, discussing how the secure digital workspace can support businesses in their cloud journey. Security, simplicity and choice are the key to stronger security and a better user experience.

Christian writes, "The challenge facing information technology (IT) today is one of moving from being a necessary evil to one of being a business enabler. How does IT balance their own needs from a security and compliance perspective with those of the relentless set of demands from a more technology-savvy employee, partner or customer base, all while reconfiguring existing and new infrastructures to create an environment for employees that enables productivity, simplicity, choice and security?

The answer, I believe, lies in the concept of a digital workspace."

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