BizTech Magazine: Citrix Synergy 2016: Security Threats Are Evolving into Combination Attacks

Citrix CSO Stan Black Discusses How Businesses Are Dealing With a Combination of Threats

Citrix CSO Stan Black is featured discussing how businesses are going to have to deal with a combination of threats including ransomware and phishing. He says that, "companies of all sizes are going to need to defend against combination cyberattacks that use multiple methods of attack simultaneously." He notes that hackers today are in business and selling things like tailored malware. He is quoted saying, "Citrix has a 'unified incident handling program,' whether the incident is a hurricane or a phishing scam. The trick is for organizations not to simply fall back on well-worn responses to incidents. “It forces you into a muscle memory that you don’t necessarily want to get into because the attacks are so dynamic.”

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