McKinsey Insights: Applying Design Thinking Across the Business: An Interview with Citrix’s Catherine Courage

Catherine Courage champions user-centered design—not only for the benefit of the software company’s customers but also for its employees.

McKinsey & Company, the influential global management consulting firm, interviewed Catherine Courage about her journey bringing user-centered design to Citrix. McKinsey published this interview in the McKinsey Insights magazine, which is distributed monthly to senior-level executives worldwide.  

Catherine begins the interview by defining what design thinking really is - "an absolute focus on the user, and…constant innovation.” She states that the biggest transformation due to design thinking is that now these organizations "actively engage customers along the way with an iterative process of failing and learning” while working to find a solution rather than assuming they know what the customer might want. Catherine discusses many other lessons learned and benefits of implementing user-centered design at Citrix throughout the Q&A from how design thinking is perceived by a CIO or Sales team to how she got the idea of design thinking to take hold within the company.  

View the full article and accompanying videos at McKinsey & Company.

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