CSO Online: Data breaches through wearables put target squarely on IoT in 2017

CSO Online published a comprehensive security predictions piece that appeared across the IDG media suite discussing potential IoT security vulnerabilities in 2017. The piece includes expert commentary from Citrix CSO Stan Black and senior technical marketing manager at Citrix, Florin Lazurca, who paint a picture of what the security landscape will look like this next year. Black shares some potential positives that IoT might bring including, "The mobile devices we depend on every day are loaded with sensors, heat, touch, water, impact, light, motion, location, acceleration, proximity, etc. These technologies have numerous applications including sensing motion and location to ensure people are safe when they travel." 

Florin is also quoted saying he believes that "consumers will be a target of opportunity in 2017. Innovative criminal enterprises will devise ways to monetize on potentially billions of internet-facing devices that many times do not meet stringent security controls. Want to browse the internet? Pay the ransom. Want to use your baby monitor? Pay the ransom. Want to watch your smart TV? Pay the ransom."

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