DarkReading: 7 Signs of InfoSec's Groundhog Day Syndrome

Citrix Chief Security Strategist suggests focusing on the end-user experience to improve security and avoid Shadow IT.


DarkReading posted a slideshow using Groundhog day as a hook to highlight the need for stronger security controls, beyond simple passwords, to protect enterprise data. Citrix Chief Security Strategist Kurt Roemer is quoted discussing why shadow IT is still an issue many organizations face today because it's not always clear how company policies are being circumvented. Kurt says, "While there may be a tendency to build more invasive security controls in order to manage shadow IT, businesses need to turn their attention to end-user experience. Employees will continue to go around company protocols if the security measures are too hard to understand, so businesses need to anticipate end-user behavior to prevent shadow IT before it takes hold, instead of falling into the continuous cycle of scrambling to safeguard data."

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