CSO Online: InfoSec’s wish list for 2016

Manager Accessing Two Mobile Plug-And-Play Workers

CSO Online published an information security wish list featuring expert commentary from Joey Peloquin, senior manager of threat and vulnerability management at Citrix. The slideshow notes, “information security is one of the fastest-growing and most dynamic fields in technology, due to the increasing sophistication of attacks and the interesting new challenges facing InfoSec professionals.” Joey is quoted saying, "Organizations can jump off the hamster wheel of APT and targeted attack whack-a-mole by first determining what they prize most (again, usually data), and then encrypting it, while properly managing authorized access and usage of it. Without the threat of losing the crown jewels looming over security practitioners, they can focus on moving the security program’s proverbial ball forward.”

To view the ful article please visit CSO Online. This article was also published in Network World.