Mobile SDK for Windows Apps2.0
Transforming Windows apps into Mobile apps
Android Receiver Issues

This page summarizes existing Android Receiver Issues.

Initial Orientation

When Android Receiver first starts the session, it enforces a fixed orientation for twenty seconds. If the mobile device is rotated during this time, the orientation of the screen will not match the current device orientation. This is due to an issue between Receiver and the server whereby orientation changes can cause bigger problems.

Flip Orientation

On Android, if the device is flipped upside down (rotated 180 degrees) it will not report an orientation change. If it is only rotated 90 degrees, it will correctly report the orientation change. The 180 degree rotation has to happen fast enough not to detect the 90 degree rotation change.

The thinking is that since the layout does not need to change, the orientation notification does not need to happen. This model has been built into the Android platform.

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