Worx App SDK

Easily make your mobile apps enterprise-ready

The Worx App SDK makes it simple for ISVs, System Integrators and enterprise developers to extend enterprise-grade management and security in any existing mobile application. With minimal effort, your iOS or Android apps can be Worx-enabled, secured, and made available on either an internal storefront or in public app stores.

Download the Worx App SDK

The Worx App SDK:

  • Delivers a complete set of powerful Worx capabilities to your existing mobile applications
  • Offers a robust set of nearly 60 MDX app policies, ranging from app access to data leakage prevention
  • Allows your app to communicate and share policies with other Worx-enabled apps
  • Gives developers complete flexibility to develop mobile apps that will run either inside or outside a Citrix XenMobile storefront

The Worx App SDK orchestrates Worx-enabled apps to communicate and share policies. This gives users flexibility while maintaining IT control over policies. For example, users who are authorized to access a document in one Worx-enabled app can also access docs in other Worx-enabled apps. Users who cannot copy and paste from a Worx-enabled app to an outside app can do so from one Worx-enabled app to another. 

Worx App SDK components

Whether developers need to Worx-enable apps for internal storefronts or make them publicly available for download via a public app store, the Worx App SDK allows you to choose the best way to make existing mobile apps available for organizations. The Worx App SDK is offered as a single Mac OS X installable package for enabling both iOS and Android apps. Components include a MDX app container technology, an application wizard, iOS and Android command line tools, dynamic and static libraries, header files and samples apps.

One SDK for internal and external mobile apps

Enterprise developers and System Integrators can leverage the Worx App SDK to easily Worx-enable existing mobile apps for internal storefronts. Developers can also choose to Worx-enable a compiled mobile app without writing a single line of code. Simply publish apps to your Citrix XenMobile Enterprise storefront and they are then available for user download – subject to IT policies, complete with full security, central control and management. 

  • Enterprise IT can deliver secure line-of-business apps more rapidly while increasing the value of their investment by ensuring interoperability with other Worx-enabled apps
  • SIs can build enterprise ready custom apps to bring additional business value add to their customers

ISVs can use the Worx App SDK to make mobile apps available for download on public stores such as Google Play or the iTunes App Store. ISVs are encouraged to join a broad set of leading mobile app partners participating in the Citrix Ready Worx Verified program to easily offer enterprise-ready apps on the Citrix Worx App Gallery for download by Citrix customers.

  • The SDK lets ISVs easily embed Worx management capabilities with a single line of code for iOS apps. For Android apps, no coding changes are required, making it even simpler for ISVs to Worx-enable their existing apps.
  • Apps written with the SDK can take full advantage of the Citrix enterprise Mobile App Management (MAM) infrastructure
  • In addition to being centrally configurable with Worx policies when used with Citrix XenMobile, apps that have leveraged the Worx App SDK can operate standalone outside Citrix environments

Getting started with the Citrix Ready Worx Verified program

Citrix XenMobile is the industry’s most comprehensive mobile experience management solution. Citrix invites all interested ISV partners to become a Citrix Ready Worx Verified partner. This program provides access to a wide variety of enterprise customers with minimal development effort in addition to providing Citrix customers assurance that an app has been validated and tested to be fully Worx-enabled in any XenMobile environment. As an added benefit, approved partners are able to list Worx Verified apps on the Worx App Gallery, which will aggressively promote Worx-enabled apps to the Citrix customer base.

Learn more about the Worx Verified program and how to take the next step in reaching more than 260,000 Citrix enterprise customers and over 10,000 Citrix resellers.

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