Citrix Security Summit

October 29, 2020

With people working from just about everywhere—maybe indefinitely—the attack surface has expanded. You need a smart security approach that’s agile, flexible, and ready for the long term. Learn how a true zero trust security framework can keep apps, data, and identities protected in the cloud, on premises, and everywhere in between.

Discover a more intelligent approach to security

Better protect your apps and your workforce, wherever they are.

Event highlights

Watch and listen to personal stories, one-on-one conversations, and demos in a short-format digital experience that easily fits your schedule.

Learn how to deliver a new zero trust–based approach to security​ for apps, APIs and the WAN edge.

Hear exciting announcements about new alliances that deliver seamless integration across Citrix and partner solutions.

Get a peek of the investments we’re making to protect app-to-app traffic against threats and bots.

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Featured speakers

Get insights from Citrix leaders, partners, and customers on strategies to safeguard your apps and your workforce.

David Henshall
President and Chief Executive Officer

Sriram Sitaraman
Chief Information Officer

Matt Cadieux
Chief Information Officer
Aston Martin Red Bull Racing

Melissa McCoy
Chief Technology Officer
Kaizen Approach

Sridhar Mullapudi
Senior Vice President, Product Management

Sunil Potti
Vice President
Google Cloud Security

Calvin Hsu
Vice President, Product Management

Geoff Knaak
Technical Manager and Senior Systems Administrator
Aria Systems

Joe Fu
IT Director of Engineering and Applications

Carisa Stringer
Senior Director, Product Marketing

Mathew Varghese
Director, Product Analytics


Get all the details about what to expect from the Citrix Summit Series.

The Citrix Summit Series is a new digital series that runs throughout October and features three main events:

  • October 8: Cloud Summit
  • October 22: Workspace Summit 
  • October 29: Security Summit

Come back to the day of the events to access demos, interviews, and downloadable resources. The series will be available on the dates listed above and then on-demand after all at no cost.

The three events are part of the Citrix Summit Series, which together offer a unique perspective on industry challenges and opportunities. Each one will feature unique announcements and resources.

Each event will feature intentionally short, focused segments that will point you to related resources to help you explore each topic in greater depth. Choose the topics that interest you, and view them in a single instance or across multiple visits to the Summit site.

All of the Summits will be available for on-demand viewing following each event. Find the event(s) that interest you, and you can gain access to the programs, demos, and resources on your own schedule.

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