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Load balancers provide the bedrock for building flexible networks that dynamically adjust to changing needs. They improve performance, reliability and security for many types of network traffic and services, including applications. At the same time, networks must evolve to keep up with virtualized and cloud infrastructure, as well as applications that are consumed through mobile devices from unpredictable locations.

An application delivery controller (ADC) is not only a load balancer, but a platform for delivering network, application and mobile services in the fastest, safest and most consistent manner, regardless of where, when and how they are accessed. Citrix NetScaler is the only ADC prepared to meet all these demands by offering Citrix TriScale Technology, Active / Active Clustering, NetScaler MobileStream technology, Insight Center, and a smart, flexible and secure design that works seamlessly with your network infrastructure.

Download the NetScaler Resource Kit to learn how you can achieve complete visibility and control over your network and applications.

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NetScaler Resource Kit

Kit materials include:

  • Citrix TriScale Technology Paper
  • Active Advantage: The value of active-active clusters
  • Solve the application visibility challenge with NetScaler Insight Center
  • Taking Mobile Delivery to the Next Level with NetScaler MobileStream
  • Infographic: Gain 20/20 Vision into network and application traffic