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Talk with experts, see our solutions in action, listen to theater presentations, and try our Virtual Reality (VR) experience. Learn about partner solutions that have been validated by Citrix and pick up some Citrix-branded items as our appreciation for dropping by.


Gain dramatic mobile customer experience improvements with dynamic TCP and video optimization, even when traffic is encrypted. Learn how to deploy and consolidate these and other key network services on standard hardware, scale to terabit levels of throughput and integrate fully with NFV orchestration and software-defined networks.

Check out the prototype V2R (Virtualized Virtual Reality) demo for an intriguing glimpse of current and imminent enterprise VR. The “Workspace of the Future” with Citrix V2R technology shows how virtual reality in the enterprise can be delivered securely to mobile users.

Get insights on how to securely mobilize today’s workforce, helping people work anywhere with devices, apps, data--everything they need to collaborate with teams and customers. Learn how you can securely deliver apps and desktops to any device, provide data security on mobile devices, and protect your apps and data from threats.

Enable IT to manage and control the delivery of apps and data across datacenters and clouds while reducing costs with more efficient workplaces designed to the needs of today’s workforces. Experience how to mitigate browser-based attacks, secure access through multi-factor authentication, and contextual access to organizational resources.

Deliver next-generation apps, desktops, and Mobility as-a-Service with Citrix Cloud, enabling Service Providers to deploy and monetize. Learn about the full range of app networking, security, SD-WAN services, orchestration, and analytics.

Learn about Workspace IoT that enables the future workspaces and the new NetScaler Event Delivery Controller as a key element in the IoT architecture, delivering massive scale, security, analytics and reporting.

Citrix Ready Marketplace: Making it easy for you to find Citrix-compatible offerings

Citrix Ready is an end-to-end technology partner program that showcases an ecosystem of partner products and solutions that compliment Citrix technologies. The Citrix Ready Marketplace encompasses over 30,000 partner products, solutions and enterprise apps that span desktop, mobility, networking and cloud ecosystems. These verified Citrix Ready offerings provide discoverability to customers in search of compatible solutions within verticals and categories. Explore the Citrix Ready Marketplace and find the right solution for your business needs!

In the booth theater

Hear 15-minute presentations on a range of topics. Click here to view the schedule so you can be sure to catch the material that’s of highest interest to you.

Organizations today are looking for ways to transform the workplace experience for employees, enabling them to get closer to customers, work smarter and collaborate more. Unfortunately, traditional approaches to IT infrastructure can’t keep up with the demands of the business. That’s why so many businesses are turning to Citrix solutions to empower employees with secure anywhere, any time access to critical apps and data. Digital workspaces give people real-time access to the tools they need to work in new ways that bring meaningful outcomes to the business – growth, cost savings, great customer experiences. In this session, get an overview of the solution, and learn about how your industry peers are transforming their workplaces with Citrix.

Together, Citrix and Microsoft can deliver secure apps and data from any private, public or hybrid cloud. Join this session to get an overview of all the elements of this partnership and how they can benefit your business. You’ll learn about the new Azure cloud services that enable you to quickly and securely deploy mobile apps, Windows apps and desktops and web apps. You’ll also see how the technologies work seamlessly together to deliver the right experience for every access scenario and device.

The key challenges facing widespread IoT adoption are presented: the sheer number of connected devices, the impact of new network architectures and protocols, the emerging security risks. The Secure Event Delivery Controller is introduced as a key solution to address these challenges, enabling the delivery of secure, highly scaleable, automated end-to-end IoT solutions.

This presentation will show how you can gain dramatic mobile customer experience improvements with dynamic TCP and video optimization, even when traffic is encrypted. We will also show how to deploy these and other key services such as Carrier-Grade NAT on COTS hardware in the GiLAN, scale to terabit levels of throughput and integrate fully with NFV orchestration and software-defined networks.

This session is targeted at service-providers who offer managed, cloud, or hosting services to enterprise customers. NetScaler can power “as-a-service offerings” such as SD-WAN , ADC, unified gateway, and network security services. NetScaler can also ensure the secure delivery of VDI and other corporate applications. This presentation describes the opportunities for networking-as-a-service and how the NetScaler portfolio can help drive new business with your enterprise customers.

Our vision for IoT is to make technology simple and more accessible by providing the integration and delivery services to embed these new applications into adaptive and personalized workspaces that enhance individual productivity and accelerate business results for today’s companies. In the workplace of the future, employees will enjoy securely delivered apps and data within adaptive personalized digital workspaces that configure the right data, resources, and things to optimize business insight and day-to-day execution. We define this emerging “Workspace IoT” segment as the combination of a physical and virtual environment that enable to improve their business processes, improve their user experiences, and solve real business problems with less focus on infrastructure management.

By definition, Workspace IoT is a Cloud-scale, Cloud-delivered conduit to individual productivity and its success will be measured by its ability to seamlessly weave a secure, integrated, highly configurable, unified experience across devices, feeds, applications, identities and services irrespective of who or what generated the data.