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As the Miami Marlins were finishing construction on their state-of-the-art, multimillion-dollar ballpark, they knew they needed IT infrastructure in place that would prepare them for the future. They needed a system that would enable their 500-plus employees to be as agile and quick as their famous players.

The team turned to Synergy Development Consulting, a Gold Citrix Solution Advisor and Citrix Specialist in Virtualization; Networking for Data Center. Using Citrix Workspace, Synergy designed a solution that enables enterprise mobility and secure access to applications and data. Now the Marlins staff can safely access all their applications and team information on virtual desktops via Citrix XenDesktop, and on any mobile device with Citrix XenMobile. For baseball scouts working in remote locations, Citrix ShareFile enables easy information collaboration.

Greater sales and customer experience

With Citrix Workspace, employees can work anytime, anywhere—inside or outside the stadium. Scouts have a simple, secure way to transmit sensitive information back to the team. The mobile sales team can now show a 3D-stadium model to customers. This lets customers see and choose their seats and allows the sales team to fulfill the order immediately, resulting in greater sales and customer satisfaction.

And best of all, the Marlins can easily scale resources up during the height of the baseball season, quickly adding to its salesforce and call center to improve customer support.

Using the Citrix platform, our sales people are able to sell more and sell faster. And that’s a huge difference in our profitability.
David Samson
Miami Marlins

Key benefits

The ability to seamlessly relocate hundreds of staff members to the new ballpark without having to physically move existing infrastructure. At their previous location, the Marlins’ users were very much tied to their physical desktops. They were not able to move around the building or work remotely, unless VPN software was deployed, so the thought of moving to a new site was a big challenge. During the transition to a new stadium, by implementing XenDesktop, the Marlins were able to have employees finish the workday Friday at Sun Life Stadium and start working at Marlins Park on Monday morning, continuing with their normal workday routine using nothing but a WYSE thin client. No new setup or training was required. This mobility continues on for employees who now work on a daily basis from anywhere using mobile devices.

The organization needed to find a new method to efficiently support a variety of remote workers from scouts to interns. Scouts faced the problem of securing their sensitive data and files as well as allowing them to share very large video clips and other files via email, which was a constant source of frustration. Interns on the other hand were prohibited from accessing sensitive information, but still needed to perform their roles efficiently. To deal with these unique scenarios, the Marlins chose ShareFile to provide remote workers with a place to securely store and share data without having to keep a local copy and XenMobile to ensure tablets and mobile phones are secure and manageable. In addition, they implemented XenApp to provision and instantly remove access rights and applications that are provided to interns on thin clients. By adopting these tools, the organization’s view toward mobile devices changed from a security threat to a powerful business tool.

A year before the ballpark opened, the organization began to dramatically improve its ability to market, sell and process ticket orders wirelessly on mobile platforms using Citrix technology. Previously, ticket sales agents had to be in the office to place orders for seats. By transitioning the sales team to using the Citrix virtual desktop, sales teams now can access proprietary apps to show a patron an actual seating section over the phone, then bring them into the stadium in real time to show them the same location in person. This ability to show the customer a 3D image of the park in advance gives potential ticket buyers a better vision of the experience, which has led to increased ticket sales.

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