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Productivity. Productivity.
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Citrix Digital Workspace. Citrix Digital Workspace.
Your flexible work style, delivered. Your flexible work style, delivered.

With a digital workspace, suddenly work doesn’t feel like work

When you have the freedom to choose your work style, you can do your best work—anytime, anywhere, and on any device. Because a Citrix digital workspace gives you single-login access to your data, apps, and files. Now you can have the flexibility to work your way, be more productive, and choose the work style that suits you.

Explore the benefits of a digital workspace.

One secure Login

One place for your
files and apps

Single sign-on

Easy access to every app and file.

Single location

Access everything for work in one place to stay organized.

Companies have an average of around 500 apps; of these, employees tend to use 10–15.

Source: 2018 CEO Survey, Gartner, Kasey Panetta, 6-20-18

Universal search

Find files and apps quickly, saving time.

25% of employee time is spent searching for information.

Source: 2018 CEO Survey, Gartner, Kasey Panetta, 6-20-18

Intuitive and simple screen interface

Easy to use.

Cross-device accessibility

Experience a consistent and seamless workflow on any device.

Different Devices

Same workflow

Secure Access

To everything you need to work your way

Network access

Access apps, files, data, and more on your company network from anywhere.

Reliable protection

Keep hackers away wherever you work.

400,000 companies are changing how work is done

99% of Fortune 500 companies and 98% of Fortune 1000 companies are using Citrix to boost employee productivity and engagement by supporting their flexible work styles.


People achieve more when they have the tools to succeed

With a Citrix digital workspace, they can

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