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Freedom. Freedom.
Productivity. Productivity.
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Citrix Workspace. Citrix Workspace.
Your work style, intelligently delivered. Your work style, intelligently delivered.

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With an intelligent workspace, suddenly work doesn’t feel like work

When technology empowers your work style, you have more time to collaborate, innovate and do your best work. Citrix Workspace is the intelligent platform with single sign-on access to all your apps, files and data. While it learns what makes your work uniquely yours, it delivers personal feeds, data and insights to guide you through your workday, and automates tasks. Giving you a workday edge that's more informed, with more control and time to be the most productive you.

One-time login

One place for your files and apps.

Citrix Workspace

Single sign-on

Easy access to everything you need to be productive.

Single location

Access everything for work in one place to stay organized.

Companies have an average of 500 apps; of these, employees tend to use 10–15.

Source: 2018 CEO Survey, Gartner, Kasey Panetta, 6-20-18

Cross-device accessibility

Experience a consistent and seamless workflow on any device.

Guided experience

Less complexity, more control.

Citrix Workspace

Notification feed

Built-in intelligence surfaces key insights and tasks to guide you through your workday.

Micro Apps

Quickly and easily complete routine tasks without the hassle of switching or signing in to multiple apps.

Context switching between apps can result in a 40% loss of productivity.

Source: Harvard Business Review

Virtual assistant

Your personal workflow champion.

Citrix Workspace


Automates repetitive tasks and simplifies workflows.

Productivity booster

Get immediate access to information, data and apps with a simple question.

Employees spend 20% of their time looking for internal information.

Source: McKinsey Insights

People-centric security

Your personal cyber-threat predictor.

Citrix Workspace

Smart security

Security that learns with you and provides personalized protection without compromising your workflow.

People achieve more when they have the tools to succeed.

With a Citrix digital workspace, they can.

Thought Leadership

Learn how Citrix is defining the future of work, today.

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Citrix Workspace

Learn what an intelligent workspace is, how it works and how it boosts productivity.

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Take an interactive tour and see the capabilities of the new Citrix Workspace in action.

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400,000 companies are changing how work is done

99% of Fortune 500 companies and 98% of Fortune 1000 companies are using Citrix to boost employee productivity and engagement by supporting their flexible work styles.

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