Customer Success Services (CSS) Priority and Priority Plus

Last updated: December 4, 2020

Offerings are available for Digital Workspace on-premises, cloud, and hybrid customers.  

Your success is our highest priority. Our premium-level offerings feature personalized, proactive services from an assigned technical account manager who will work with you to implement and optimize your Citrix solution, minimize risk, and achieve your business and technology goals. With Priority you will have elevated level of reactive support when you need it most, with direct access to Priority Support Engineers who will provide you rapid response and resolution. Our highest premium level, Priority Plus offers preventative care with customizable add-on packages to meet your specific needs.

Priority & Priority Plus overview

CSS Priority and Priority Plus Comparison

Feature Priority   Priority Plus
Assigned Technical Account Manager to understand your environment, business and technology objectives, and ensure optimization of your Citrix solutions.
Priority Customer Success Manager1
Get an elevated customer experience with your Priority Customer Success Manager. Your Priority Customer Success Manager is your dedicated cloud transformation expert and works in partnership with your Priority Support team for a unified success plan to meet your business outcomes.

*Eligibility criteria applies
Success planning to help you meet your desired outcomes with your Citrix solution.
Priority Queue with direct access to Priority Support Engineers for faster issue resolution.2 <15 minute response time for severity 1 issues <10 minute response time for severity 1 issues
Environment supportability and operational review to minimize risk and downtime through proactive insights.
Critical Situation Management to own and expedite remediation for severity 1 issues.
Scheduled Support for change events to assist with implementations, migrations, and updates. 40 hours 80 hours
Root Cause Analysis to prevent problems from reoccurring
Customizable add-on packages aligned to your business objectives, with a hand-picked team of Citrix experts focused on your success.
Executive level sponsor to act as your advocate and ensure your requirements and issues are dealt with promptly.  

Disclaimers and program terms:
For a complete overview of our Citrix Support services and guidelines, please review the Worldwide Support Services Guide.

¹Priority Customer Success Manger Priority Customer Success Manager for the Priority Plus Customer Success Manager must be a Priority for Cloud customer with $1M minimum annual contract value or a Priority Plus for Cloud customer.
2Response Times Best-in-class and Fastest response times are based on competitive offerings in the same industry and price tier. 24/7/365 Support - Citrix provides 24/7/365 for Severity 1 issues only. CSS Priority customers receive 24/7/365 for Severity 1 and Severity 2 issues. Assistance with Severity 2 (site degradation) and all other issues is available during local business hours, Monday - Friday excluding local public holidays. America - 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m., EMEA - 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m., APAC – 8:00 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., Japan – 9:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m
License Compliance Through your purchase of Citrix Support services, and to the extent permitted by applicable law, you agree to allow Citrix to audit license compliance pursuant to the license compliance terms explained at:

In order to receive CSS benefits, customers must have active CSS for 100% of its licenses within one product line and under a single ORG ID. This is known as the “All-in Rule.”

Partial CSS coverage within a product line is not permitted. If the customer has licenses that are no longer in use, they have the option to permanently rescind such licenses in order to exclude these from pool of licenses for which CSS is being purchased. License transfers to new or existing ORG IDs, for the purpose of avoiding the All-in Rule is not permitted. A customer is not permitted to extend the benefits of CSS to any licenses that do not have an active CSS agreement. Compliance will be monitored and without waiving other remedies, Citrix reserves the right to suspend CSS benefits and invoice a customer for any underpaid CSS fees for compliance violation(s).

Priority Service Level Compliance At point of upgrade to Priority, all software licenses must be upgraded (i.e., customers may not have a mix of Select & Priority services on Software licenses)*

* Service Level Compliance rules apply. Service Level Compliance requires the customer to maintain the same CSS level of service across all software product lines (cloud subscriptions, on-premises/perpetual and termed/annual software licenses). In the event that service level compliance is not maintained, the customer will be supported at the lowest of their active service levels. Customers will be notified of non-compliance. No refunds will be given.
Consulting Services With respect to consulting services included with Citrix Support services, intellectual property rights in all deliverables, pre-existing works and derivative works of such pre-existing works, as well as developments made, conceived, created, discovered, invented, or reduced to practice in the performance of the consulting services are and shall remain the sole and absolute property of Citrix, subject to a worldwide, non-exclusive license to you for internal use.
Availability and Lifecycle Customers can purchase CSS in one (1) year increments up to a maximum of five (5) years. CSS is available during a product’s General Availability (GA) to End of Life (EOL). After a product release reaches its End of Maintenance date, no further code-level maintenance will be provided; however, the product will continue to be supported until it reaches End of Life
Pricing CSS pricing is a percentage of the product SRP and program discounts may apply. Late perpetual maintenance renewals incur extra fees and result in lapsed maintenance and support. These Extra fees are based on the following: Reinstatement – if maintenance has been expired, pricing is a percentage of the product SRP, plus a pro-rated amount for the time expired, plus late fee.

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