How Apps2Digital can help prioritize microapp deployments on Citrix Workspace

Discover repetitive user workflows and transform them into microapps on Citrix Workspace

Join this webinar to explore how Citrix Workspace can be used as a platform to develop/host your most used repetitive workflows as microapps. We are collaborating with our partner Flexxible IT that can help you discover user workflows and in turn understand which microapps to create and deploy. We’ll walk you through the solution that can help analyze application data (traditional, SaaS & Microapps) to measure and improve workplace productivity and intelligence.

Learn how Apps2Digital, a digital transformation cloud service by Flexxible IT, improves workplace productivity by incorporating application discovery and usage data into its console. 

  • Detect repetitive URL sequences using machine learning to forecast which microapps to deploy on your Citrix Workspace platform
  • Get insights into live data comparing productivity and time saved when employees utilize microapps compared to traditional application sequences
  • Make data-driven decisions to be able to automate workflows and enhance productivity in your organization


Radovan Hrabcak
Director, Product Management

Nigel Woods
Apps2Digital Business Development Manager
Flexxible IT 

Every tenth webinar attendee (US only) will receive a set of wireless earbuds.
(Not applicable to Citrix and Partner employees)

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