Citrix Endpoint Management end-user adoption resources

Get the tools you need to ensure end-user success

Welcome to Citrix Endpoint Management, the unified experience that lets people work how, when, and where they want—simply and securely. These resources will help you get users up and running quickly on their new anywhere, any-device mobile environment.

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Introduction to Citrix Endpoint Management for end users
Learn the benefits of using Citrix Endpoint Management and the mobile productivity apps that come with the service.

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Citrix Secure Mail reference guide
This Citrix Secure Mail quick reference guide helps your users get up and running quickly.


Email communications
Prepare for successful and enthusiastic adoption by telling users about the great experience they can expect with Citrix Endpoint Management. These ready-to-send emails highlight key features like any-device productivity, single sign-on, integrated collaboration, and secure email so people understand the value of their new way of working.

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Office communications
It’s easy for emails to get lost in overloaded inboxes, so we designed a flyer for you to print and post at popular areas around your organization or intranet.

Facility flyer PDF | Facility flyer Word

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End-user guides and installation
Introduce employees to their new app store and launchpad for mobile productivity apps. Share these videos for easy-to-follow installation instructions on how to start working anywhere.

Introduction to Secure Hub

Your guide to Secure Mail
Show employees how much more they’ll be able to do with made-for-business mobile email. Share the short video introduction to give the high-level view, and the two accompanying documents that explain common tasks and how to personalize their experience.

 Introduction to Secure Mail (3:00)

5 common Secure Mail tasks

5 ways to personalize Secure Mail

Additional resource page for Secure Mail

Privacy concerns
Address potential employee uncertainty and concern about privacy by letting them know exactly what IT will be able to see on their personal device—and what will remain private and untouched.

Frequently asked questions

Frequently asked questions (Word)

Privacy office flyer

Privacy office flyer Word

Making resources your own

These materials have been created to help spread the word, amplify awareness and get users excited about your rollout of Citrix Endpoint Management. Use these as packaged, ready-to-go kits or customize elements as needed to best fit your business needs.

Here’s a few ways you can tailor or customize resources:

  • Replace Citrix logo and branding with your organization’s brand
  • Replace “Citrix Endpoint Management” with the name used internally for your platform, if applicable
  • Provide contact information
  • Add or remove additional details

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If you have questions or would like to request files for your own personalization, we're here to help.