ESG White paper: Redefining Application Delivery and Security Services

How Citrix is redefining the delivery of application and security services

To win in a competitive market, you need comprehensive and reliable application delivery and security services designed for ever-evolving modern environments. That’s why Citrix App Delivery and Security service is based on an intent-driven concept that automates and fast tracks application deployment. In this ESG white paper, you will learn how this simplifies and speeds application and API delivery to increase agility, visibility, and security across your organization.

  • 86% – Organizations “under pressure” to launch new products and services
  • 1 Billion – User sessions made visible by Citrix each day
  • 60% – Improved operational efficiency with automated, intent-based application service from Citrix

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See how Citrix App Delivery and Security service radically simplifies application delivery and security with an intent-based, self-healing, and internet-aware solution.

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