Customize content delivery in the cloud

Ensure continuous availability and smooth app delivery to every user, wherever they are

Businesses are moving their infrastructure to the cloud at an increasing pace. Ensuring that your users can reach the content is important to the business—sometimes critically so. Cloud operations can give your business the flexibility to select the right zones to meet your business requirements and the tools to ensure delivery. Many customers want to avoid a total reliance on a single cloud vendor and place their content in different clouds. In these cases, it can be difficult to always guide individual users to the most suitable set of resources for them.

100% application availability

By placing your content in different places, you mitigate the risk of a single outage impacting your business. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management understands where your content is in relation to your users’ locations. It constantly monitors connections across the internet and can adapt where it sends your user requests to ensure that your content is always available and responses are always received.

Distributed architecture to avoid vendor lock-in

Picking the right cloud for your business is sometimes difficult. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management helps overcome this problem by creating a centralized control point for traffic management wherever the content resides. Citrix collates data about the performance of each cloud provider so you can make an informed choice about which is the best for your needs and migrate as appropriate. Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management can ensure better delivery of content across regions from any single cloud provider or across multiple vendors.

Best performance for all your users

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management constantly monitors the experience of millions of users on the Internet as they access content. As conditions on the Internet change, with outages and changes to network latency for example, so does the optimal routing to content. Citrix uses this data to send users to the best possible source of your content, wherever you decide to house it.

Citrix Intelligent Traffic Management also offers powerful reporting to demonstrate the value of performance, availability, and cost within customer properties. It provides reports on page-level performance, resource-level metrics and other business analytics to give you the tools necessary to create the best and most engaging user experience for your customers.