Time Doctor - Time Analytics for the Workday
Sep 28 2016

Sep 28, 2016

Citrix Ready

Time Doctor - Time Analytics for the Workday

New, changing workflows in enterprise work spaces (thanks to advances in distributed team management tools) raise concerns about productivity upkeep for remote teams. Integrating time analytics into the work day allows for maximum freedom of location while maintaining high production from all team members. It's time to treat time and productivity reporting with the same level of sophistication that financial reporting has enjoyed for more than a decade, whether that time is being tracked locally in the office or remotely.

Attend this webinar, to learn:

  • How to leverage Time Doctor to maximize your employee’s productivity 
  • How to deploy Time Doctor with Citrix 
  • Get a live demo of Time Doctor


  • Liam Martin, Co-founder, Time Doctor
  • Alexander Doak, Business development, Time Doctor
  • Shashidhar Reddy, Technical Marketing Lead, Citrix Ready