Data Security in Mobile Healthcare Environments: Strategies for Success
Jul 20 2016

Jul 20, 2016

Healthcare IT News

Data Security in Mobile Healthcare Environments: Strategies for Success

When it comes to data security in mobile healthcare environments, clinician experience and data protection are both important. Healthcare IT leaders must make strategic choices as to what types of solutions they implement, the workflows supported and how to deliver mobility while ensuring security and compliance. The list of considerations is long and includes balancing security versus usability, avoiding data breaches, designing secure patient portals and telehealth apps, authenticating users, offering mobile and Web applications, and much more.

What you will learn  

  • How organizations are reducing risk and protecting sensitive business and clinical information
  • Ways to ensure security without compromising availability or usability
  • Tips for achieving compliance and passing internal and external audits
  • How to encourage adherence to security policies throughout the organization
  • Join a panel of industry experts who will explore these concerns and pose innovative solutions that improve security and clinician engagement.


  • Kurt Roemer, Chief Security Strategist, Citrix
  • Ben Abramovitz, Manager, System Administration, Cerner
  • Chad Wilson, Director of Information Security, Chirldren's National Health System

This webinar has been approved by HIMSS for up to 1 contact hour of continuing education credit toward renewal of the CPHIMS credential.