Citrix Workspace app LTSR 1912 CU3 Technology Preview for Windows

Release Date: Jan 12, 2021

What’s new

Enhancement to app protection

Previously, when you are trying to take a screenshot of a protected window, the entire screen, including the non-protected apps in the background, are blacked out.

Now, when you are taking a screenshot using a snipping tool, only the protected window is blacked out / clear. You can take a screenshot of the area outside the protected window.

Additionally, this release addresses issues to improve the app protection feature.

Issues fixed in this release

Installing, Uninstalling, Upgrading

  • When you attempt to refresh Citrix Workspace app by using its shortcut that is created manually, the shortcut might get deleted and then recreated. [CVADHELP-15397]


  • Even after you enable the keep me signed in and don't ask again for 60 days policies, Microsoft Azure Multi-Factor Authentication might still prompt for authentication.

    Note: We recommend that users exit their stores rather than log off from their stores. If users log off from stores using webview authentication, they might be prompted for authentication again because Internet Explorer cookies are cleared in such scenarios. By default, the fix is enabled (cookies are stored). You can disable the fix by enabling the GPO policy Prevent storing persistent cookies under Citrix Components > Citrix Workspace > User Authentication. If you disable the fix, the cookies are not stored and are cleared during logoff.


  • On Azure Active Directory (AD) joined devices, when Citrix Workspace app attempts to access a store and then passes through endpoint logon credentials, users might not be authorized to log on. Also, there is no option to log on with a different user account. [CVADHELP-14844]


  • When you send a document in raw data format to the print queue, the document might not be printed. The issue occurs when you use the XPS Printer Driver. [CVADHELP-14497]


  • In certain scenarios, Citrix product license usage shown in Citrix Studio does not match license usage shown in the Citrix License Manager. [CVADHELP-14950]
  • With the vPrefer option enabled, App-V applications might start on a remote server rather than on a local server.  [CVADHELP-15356]
  • With the New USB Devices and Existing USB Devices policies enabled and the When desktop starts policy set to Do nothing, Citrix Workspace app might still display a dialog box in the bottom right corner. [CVADHELP-15379]
  • When you launch a published desktop through a native Citrix Workspace app for Windows, the native Citrix Workspace app automatically runs in the foreground within the desktop. The issue occurs when the Local App Access feature enabled. [CVADHELP-15654]
  • The Selfservice.exe process might become unresponsive and a .NET-BroadcastEventWindow. prompt might appear. The issue occurs when you attempt to log off from a system running Windows 10 Version 1909. [CVADHELP-15700]
  • You configure Citrix Workspace app for Windows to connect to all store accounts when establishing a session. If you log off from Citrix Workspace app and log back on, the store account setting changes to one store account rather than defaulting to all accounts. [CVADHELP-15728]
  • With the bidirectional content redirection policy enabled, attempts to redirect a URL from a client to a VDA might fail. [CVADHELP-15739]
  • In scenarios where proxy servers do not use port 8080, Citrix Workspace app might fail to connect to published applications and desktops. The issue occurs because Citrix Workspace app for Windows might fail to use the proxy port and use the default port 8080 instead. [CVADHELP-15977]
  • Citrix Workspace app for Windows might ignore proxy type settings. The issue occurs with non-English versions of the Microsoft Windows operating system. [CVADHELP-16017]
  • When the EnableFactoryReset registry setting is set to False, attempts to uninstall Citrix Workspace app might fail with this error message:

    This feature has been disabled.


  • With Microsoft Teams in optimized mode, when you join a conference call, audios might become distorted. [CVADHELP-16232]

System Exceptions

  • With the EchoCancellation policy enabled and audio quality set to medium, the wfica32.exe process might exit intermittently, causing sessions to eventually disconnect. [CVADHELP-14568]
  • The Receiver.exe process might exit unexpectedly. [CVADHELP-15669]

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Support Resources

Citrix Workspace App 19.12.3000 for Windows

Jan 12, 2021
71.1 MB - (.exe) Download File

Version: 19.12.3000.1

  • SHA-256 - fba6bed8c662a6d0047e48e080cbb11940f49d498fbc7e242906dc752b053537

Scripts for Deploying Citrix Workspace App for Windows 19.12.3000

Jan 12, 2021
7.27 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.3000.1

  • SHA-256 - c12d7b375a2e4670bc0cac7b7b752b24472fd2be2a455af1af89421317a6ef6c

Citrix ADMX/ADML Templates for Group Policy Editor 19.12.3000

Jan 12, 2021
324 KB - (.zip) Download File

Version: 19.12.3000.1

  • SHA-256 - 8b0668853c04602b9068d0ab2603255fb30369d4569f6211b8ba2ec116a12fe0